Frequently Asked Questions

SmartCharts are a pictorial depiction of chapters from textbooks. Each concept has been simplified and explained using easy words and graphics. A 7 to 8 pages chapter has been converted into 1 SmartChart.
These charts are useful for ICSE/CBSE/SSC boards for Maths and ISCE board for Science.
Science charts for CBSE will be available in the 2nd term/semester.

Yes all chapters are covered in individual charts for each chapter.

SmartCharts are curriculum based and not topic based. They are grade specific and depict a chapter as a whole.

Size is A2, i.e., 16*20 inches, approximately more than the size of a regular wall mounted calendar.

The SmartChart kit comes with our innovative hanging arrangement with a specific instruction sheet provided. You can refer our website for more details. The provided arrangement causes no damage to your wall, however, you can stick it with an adhesive on any surface.

SmartsCharts compliment your textbook learning. Textbooks have detailed chapters and worksheets and Smartcharts explain the concepts visually. They can be used as ready reckoners during exams or while revising chapters, as concepts are simplified into easy words and appealing graphics.

Yes. But the App will be for parent reference only. We at Exploroar believe in digital free learning for children, hence the concept of SmartCharts came around, an informative yet interesting way of making children understand the concept without resorting to gadgets for reference.