Learning apps on phones and tabs were opening other avenues for my son as he sat with these gadgets to study. In less than 15 mins I would catch him watching a video on Youtube or some game which was a rage among his friends. While searching for other options I came across these charts and decided to give them a shot. It was that why not moment when I ordered them. Hung them around the areas of the house most frequented by him, and trust me its helped. Thanks to the convenient mounting they are also easy to move around the house without causing any damage to the walls.
My 4th grader is an amateur violinist, she and her violin and spend hours together totally oblivious to the world. As a parent I admire her skill and wish her to pursue her passion wholeheartedly, however given the competition in today’s times I had been a little concerned about how much time I should get her to study. SmartCharts solved my problem to a large extent. They now hang on the walls in her room and she just refers to them as and when required and also in passing. Just to add, since they are visual treats they also add to the aesthetic beauty of her room.
On holiday in India found my sister-in-law referring to these charts for her children. When I saw my kids getting involved in them too, I decided to carry a set along with me to the U.S. It’s amazing how much my kids are enjoying learning from them. Have been recommending these charts to friends here, a few have already requested me to get them on my next India trip.
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